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2021 Dota Pro Circuit S1 - NA Upper Division

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United States
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General info

2021 Dota Pro Circuit S1 is the first season of DPC(Dota Pro Circuit) tournament sponsored by Valve, a 2 season tournament leading to the International 10. This tournament will use new DPC points and will disregard previous points due to unstable DPC tournaments last year. It will also feature the best of the best teams from Europe, China, Southeast Asia, CIS, North America, and South America with a whopping prize pool for each region of $205,000. One season will consist of an Upper and Lower division for each region where the bottom 2 from the Upper-division will be relegated to the Lower-division.


Group Stage

A single round-robin format and all matches are best-of-three, bottom 2 will be relegated to Lower Division of Season 2.




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  • 2021 Dota Pro Circuit S1 - NA Upper Division


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