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2019 LoL Champions Korea Spring2019 LoL Champions Korea Spring

LCK or League of Legends Champions Korea is the premier league in South Korean League of Legends and this is the first half of the 2019 LCK Season. 

LCK Spring is a 10 team league that is split up into three stages, the promotion tournament where the bottom teams have to defend their spot against the best teams of Challengers Korea Spring followed by the regular season where the 10 teams will try and gain entry to the playoffs.

The  summer season is the season that will decide the teams that will be invited to the World Championship. The winner of the Summer season, the team that has the most circuit points, if the winner of the season is the team with the most points, the team with the second most points will be invited to worlds. For the next four teams in terms of circuit points, that are not invited directly to Worlds, the path takes a turn to the Regional Finals were they will be seeded in to a gauntlet style bracket, with the winner taking the last Korean ticket to worlds.

The League is played offline in Seoul, South Korea, the broadcast was previously split between OGN and SPOTV however this season Riot Games Korea will take over the broadcast and the total prize pool is ₩275,000,000 (KRW).

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