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General Info
2019 NationWars2019 NationWars

NationWars is a tournament series hosted by the well-known french web TV O'Gaming.

In NationWars nations are represented by three of the best starcraft players from that country.

The semifinals and the Grand Finals will be played offline at the O'Gaming office in Paris.
All other matches will be played online.

Prizepool - $40,000
$16,000 $8,000 $6,000
2019 NationWars2019 NationWars

Match format: Matches are played in a Best-of-Seven setting and matches will use Mixed format.

Qualifiers: One single-elimination match played in a Best-of-Seven match.
Winning countries advance to the group stage.

Round of 24: Twenty four countries split into eight round-robin groups of three teams each. All matches are Best-of-Seven.

Round of 16: Sixteen countries split into four double-elimination groups.
Top two advance to the playoffs.

Playoffs: Single elimination bracket.
Grand Final is a Best-of-Nine match.

2019 NationWars2019 NationWars
  • Matches played 30 September 2019 - 08 December 2019
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