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General Info
2020 Overwatch League2020 Overwatch League
The Overwatch League (OWL) is the premier professional league for Overwatch, hosted by Blizzard Entertainment. The league features franchised city teams from locations all across the globe.
Prizepool - $ 3,700,000
$ 1,500,000 $ 800,000 $ 500,000
2020 Overwatch League2020 Overwatch League

Regular Season:

The 20 participating teams are split into two regional conferences (Pacific and Atlantic) with two divisions in each conference (East, West, South and North). They will play a total of 28 matches across the season. Two matches against each in-conference opponent and one match against out-of-conference teams.

Each team will host a minimum of two home weekend events during the season with an additional 12 events, three per division, collectively hosted by the home teams in their territories.

For the 2020 season teams will play regular season matches in a First-to-Three format with each match opening with control, moving on to hybrid, assault and escort in a rotating order. If a series reaches the fifth map only control maps will be played until a team reaches three map wins.

Wins and losses count towards teams' seeding in the postseason playoffs.

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